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Birthday present / Geburtstagsgeschenk Oktober 2012
see also / siehe auch: Micha

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Happy Birthday Kjell

Our newest flatmate arrived on the 27th of July.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Elise!

A very special present for a very special lady:
Elise, Happy Birthday <3
First, the base is made, then all the pieces of the figure separately, so as to keep them as clean as possible... 
Then the figure is pieced together. Pupils I leave for last because these finer details can get squashed as I'm pressing the parts together.

Finito and watch out!
As usual, you can find my creations in the dark... :}

Thursday, March 1, 2012

La Mia Masquera...

...just about wraps up my Italiano.


Last Halloween I was battling a cold and didn't finish my mask on time, at least, not to a degree I was pleased with. I painted over it again to somewhat smooth over the texture of the plaster bandages and added some more spikes with air-drying fimo clay. Then another layer of gesso, pthalo green paint over, and finished it off with a layer of spray-on lacquer. The 'tattoos' were a final touch in permanent marker.

Then, with a lot of string, and two feather boas, I had to carefully sew on the ruff. It may still need a bit of padding on the back of the head to sit properly, but I think that can be taken care of by tying up my hair. I just need to find an alternative for the tail. I made a latex version which turned out a bit too hard, and the paint came off, which is sub-optimal... Gotta see when I can continue...

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I felt adventurous today.
The sun shone with such gusto that one could overlook all the frozen
puddles (and frozen extremities) as I made my way to the small
sidestreet, Oldenburger Strasse, what I would see as Moabit's shining
light of hope. I was happy to find that since my last visit there are a
couple of new shops and galleries there worth visiting. I chatted to
Suzanne Reed of Art-Niks for at least an hour about her lovely glass
creations and experiences in Germany.
The picture in this post is the ornament I purchased. I don't think the
photos really do it justice, the iridescent shard doesn't really come
through, but it's a mysterious piece. She also has some stained glass
pieces, but do check out the website, www.art-niks.com -or even better,
drop by and have a chat, take something home. You can even make requests.

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